We are proud to partner with CyberArk, a global leader in privileged access security solutions. CyberArk's cutting-edge technology helps organizations protect their most critical assets by securing privileged accounts and credentials from cyber threats.

Key Features of CyberArk Technology

  • Privileged Account Security: CyberArk's privileged account security solutions provide comprehensive protection for privileged credentials, preventing unauthorized access and potential misuse. By securing privileged accounts, organizations can mitigate the risk of insider threats, external attacks, and data breaches.
  • Privilege Elevation and Delegation: CyberArk enables organizations to enforce least privilege policies by dynamically elevating and delegating privileges based on real-time access needs. This approach minimizes the attack surface and reduces the risk of privilege abuse.
  • Session Isolation and Monitoring: CyberArk's session isolation and monitoring capabilities ensure that privileged sessions are conducted in secure, controlled environments. By isolating privileged sessions and capturing detailed audit trails, organizations can monitor and investigate privileged activities, enhancing visibility and accountability.
  • Privileged Threat Analytics: CyberArk's privileged threat analytics leverages machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect and respond to suspicious activities in real time. By continuously analyzing user behavior and privileged access patterns, organizations can identify potential threats and take proactive measures to mitigate risks.
  • DevOps and Cloud Security: With CyberArk, organizations can secure privileged access in DevOps and cloud environments. CyberArk integrates with DevOps tools and cloud platforms, providing secure access to sensitive resources, protecting secrets, and ensuring compliance in dynamic, automated environments.

Why Choose CyberArk

  • Industry Leadership: CyberArk is recognized as a global leader in privileged access security, trusted by organizations of all sizes and industries to protect their most sensitive assets.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: CyberArk offers a comprehensive suite of privileged access security solutions that address the unique challenges of securing privileged accounts and credentials.
  • Proven Track Record: CyberArk has a proven track record of helping organizations prevent security breaches and achieve compliance by effectively securing privileged access.
  • Continuous Innovation: CyberArk consistently invests in research and development to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, ensuring that their solutions are equipped to handle the latest security challenges.

As a valued partner of CyberArk, we offer their state-of-the-art solutions as part of our software portfolio, enabling organizations to strengthen their security posture and protect their most valuable assets from unauthorized access.

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